Touring Bike Rental

 9.95 - 19.95 

Comfortable posture

7 gears

Aluminium frame

2 locks

Safety lights

Anti-puncture tires

Note: Please note the minimum length for a touring bike is 160 cm (5.2 feet).

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Tour bike rental in Barcelona

The best touring bike from A-Bike perfect for anybody wishing to go that extra mile during your Barcelona bike rental.

Because of the lightweight aluminium frame, seven speeds to choose from, as well as front suspension, this bike from A-Bike is a very comfortable ride. More comfort over longer distances makes for a more enjoyable overall experience, so we definitely recommend renting the touring bike!

Are you wanting to go into the mountains? Or maybe just from one side of the city to another, or all along way the famous beaches, then this bike is for you. With little extra cost, you get to use a bike that people would use for trekking across countries and nation states!

Another great use for this bike might be jumping on a train outside of the city into the vineyards and explore real exposed local Catalan culture.


How is a Touring Bike different from any other bike?

Rent an adventure touring bike from A-Bike and make use of it’s lightweight and fast capabilities enabling you to explore the whole of Barcelona and it’s region with class and ease. The stylish Gazelle bike combines a smooth comfortable performance bike, with a sleek and stylish design.

The advantage of having front suspension on the bike from A-Bike means that any pothole or road in poor condition won’t affect your ride much. Feel safe knowing the bike is for any rough conditions you throw at it with enhanced traction and stability for ultimate cruising capabilities.

You will cycle around comfortably without a care in the world because this frame has the nice comfortable handling of Gazelle bikes. The 7 speed gear hub gives you the right gear for every situation. The strong and durable lightweight aluminium frame gives you the impression cruising around street corners is effortless.

What’s more the hydraulic roller brakes ensures safe and quick stopping ability for any unexpected moments on your journey. Hey maybe you need to stop because you’ve just seen a beach bar you can’t miss out on!

The bike also has a powerful front- and backlight, which ensures that biking at night won’t be a problem as well, making sure to stay safe if you venture onto a road with motorists in Barcelona.


Who would benefit from a touring bike?

This is perfect for anyone wanting to cycle that extra mile during their time in the beautiful Catalan city of Barcelona.

Someone whom is used to cycling already would benefit from this bike as you can maximise on the benefits of touring capabilities. Renting a steel touring bike in Barcelona could be the best solution for you if you want to plan a proper all-day excursion covering more kilometers than most.

A great choice if you’re planning to cycle long distances across Barcelona and its surrounding areas. Or, of course, if you just love getting from point A to point B in a heartbeat with style, this is also a good option because it is so fast.

Worth noting that you can take A-Bike bike range as far as you like. You can even take them on trains to get out of the city quicker, enabling you to really go beyond the city limits in exploration of something new. Get riding with the peace of mind that A-Bike has you covered for your journey as our bikes are properly maintained so that are no slip ups as you go out into the districts with your new bike rental.