Children’s Bike

 6.95 - 14.95  

Variable sizes

Easy speed

Light frame


Safety lights

Anti-puncture tires

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Children’s bike rental in Barcelona

An independent child on his or her own bike can make a holiday go from average to amazing!


Features the kid’s bike

All our children’s bikes feature well equipped handbrakes to ensure they can safely stop when needed. What’s more, the bikes have extra grippy tyres, making sure traction is the best it can be to ensure the child doesn’t unnecessarily fall and hurt him or herself.

It features a top quality loud bell. We encourage the kids to use this often so as to ensure other riders no they are on the bike paths

Extra grippy handgrips and of course, helmets are recommended. What’s more the anti-slip pedals reflectors help for extra safety precautions.



Why rent a bike for your child?

Bike Rental Barcelona has a great selection of children’s bikes for all types of kids, girls or boys. They are great for any slightly active child up to the age of 10 years (or for people who prefer a small bicycle).

Renting a bike for your child is an amazing way to ensure they go to bed early i.e. tiring them out so you can have more time to yourselves to enjoy your time in the romantic city of Barcelona.


Cycling in Barcelona with kids

Make sure to pay attention to the road safety rules in Barcelona and use a bike lane every chance you get. Stay on the bicycle paths in all areas of the city but refrain from going where pedestrians walk on the sidewalks. Never bike through a red lights whilst touring in the city, and never just hit the brakes too hard without looking around you first as there are other people whom travel at different speeds.

It’s a good idea to have your child cycle between you and the road, or between both you and your partner if there are three of you. But if it’s just you, basically between the adult and the sidewalk. It’s not obligatory to wear a helmet in Spain, but we really recommend doing so, especially for the children.

If you need to adjust the height of the seat you can easily do so without any tools on the go by using the lever below the saddle.