Tandem Bike Rental

 16.50 - 30.00 

Safety Lights

Shared experience

Adjustable seat

2 locks

Anti puncture tires

7 gears

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Best tandem bike rental in Barcelona

The most unique way to explore Barcelona is by cycling on one bike with your crew. Cycling together only brings closer to a shared experience, which is what a holiday with your friends is all about,

Renting a tandem bike here in Barcelona will no doubt make for a fun and unforgettable experiences throughout your stay. The best instagram stories and moments to share with loved ones will come as you and your friends explore the streets of Barcelona, pulling up at locations in style whilst having fun.

The best video to capture will be a crew of you all by the beaches cycling down the boardwalk as one squad, tandems cycling in tandem.


Who rents tandem bicycles

Whether you’re cycling with your mother, your child, or your best friend, the tandem bike will have you getting into the very best best teamwork mindset. The tandems are designed such that they’re easy for everyone to use. For example, you can easily adjust the height of the saddles and the two handlebars independently from each other. This means that it doesn’t matter if your biking partner is taller or shorter than you are.




They’re extremely safe and don’t block. The bike either has 3 or 7 gears. With the right gear, it’s a piece of cake to cycle up a the fun streets of Barcelona. Going up to Gracia from the beach will be no problem at all.

Obviously, a tandem is a size bigger than a normal city bike. But thanks to the lightweight strong steel frame, it’s easy to use. The bike comes with mudguards and a chain guard, so your clothes won’t get dirty, and of course plenty of space for the two of you.

Did you happen to buy a souvenir or some groceries along the way? You can easily transport these by fastening them to the bike with the carrier straps. Thanks to the front- and backlight, the two locks, and the bell, you’re guaranteed to bike and park safely. Simply lock it up during the day or overnight and feel assured the strong locks will keep everything safe.


When cycling on a tandem bike, safety always comes first. In order to brake, the person in front squeezes the handbrakes. Because of the high quality and advanced roller brakes, you don’t have to worry about falling over or into something by braking too late. The handbrakes are instantaneous.


Why do people ride tandem bikes?

The best tandem bike one can rent from A-Bike have quite some advantages to note.

If one of the two persons is not fit and strong as the other, not good with navigation, or simply not so confident riding a tandem bike, then this person can enjoy being on the back seat. On the backseat you just pedal and don’t contribute by steering.

Of course he or she will still contribute, but it means this person doesn’t have to steer and can take it a little bit slower sometimes. Of course it goes without saying that you’ll have a lot of fun with two people if it is a tandem bicycle!

Cruise through the streets of Barcelona in partnership working on team work and building group moral with whomever you travel with. It is the perfect opportunity to deepen connections between family members or colleagues alike. Booking a few of these for a group of colleagues on a work trip is an amazing way to bring people closer together whom usually relate across desks with presentations.

Tandem bicycle built for staying safe in Barcelona side by side tandem is not a problem as many streets become more and more pedestrianised and safe for cyclist alike. Remember by night, our bike lights will keep you more than visible to other motorists on roads.