Tapas Bike Tour



10am and 6pm

2.5 hours

Incl. guide

Incl. bike

A-Bike La Rambla

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Barcelona Tapas Bike Tour

Our Tapas Tour combines best of both worlds. You explore the city by bike, guided by one of our professional, enthusiastic tour guides, and during the tour you will stop for great food and drinks! Of course Barcelona is famous for the beach, FB Barcelona and the architecture of Gaudí, but the delicious food, and vibrant terraces are also reasons for many people to return to the city.


From ‘Pa amb tomàquet’…

A dish that is on the many of almost every single restaurant in Barcelona a, is pa amb tomàquet: bread with tomato. Catalans do not only eat this for breakfast, but also love to add it to their lunch or tapas. Other classics in Barcelona are pimientos de padrón peppers, patatas bravas, and the (freshly) sliced ham jamón iberico. During the tapas bike tour you will taste a bit of everything, and enjoy the richness of the Catalan and Spanish kitchen.


… to cava of the bodega

Although many people think about sangría when they visit Barcelona, it actually makes more sense to drink cava, because the Penedès is a wine region next to Barcelona. In this region mostly family-run bodega’s produce the best cava. Of course during the tapas tour you are also welcome to choose a nice glass of sangría, wine, beer, or soda instead!


Enjoy like a local

The A-Bike guides take you to authentic restaurants, where locals love to eat. So, no tourist traps, but only places where they serve traditional tapas. If you have allergies or the diet wishes, please notify us when booking the tour. We will inform the restaurant, so you don’t have to worry about anything on the day of your tour. Just sit down, relax, and enjoy all the nice food that will be served at your table.