Alquiler de bicicletas de touring

 9.95 - 19.95 /Por Día

Comfortable posture

7 marches

High-end design and functionalities

Aluminum box

2 padlocks

Security lights

Prick wheels

Chain protector

Note: the minimum length for a touring bike is 160 cm.

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Alquiler de bicicletas de paseo en Barcelona

La mejor bicicleta de touring de A-Bike: es perfecta para todos los que quieren aprovechar al máximo el alquiler de bicicletas en Barcelona.

Gracias al cuadro de aluminio ligero, a las siete marchas y a los amortiguadores delanteros, esta bicicleta de A-Bike es muy cómoda de llevar. Una mayor comodidad en distancias más largas hace que la experiencia general sea más agradable. ¡Definitivamente, te recomendamos que alquiles la bicicleta de touring!

¿Quieres ir por la montaña? ¿O tal vez sólo de un lado a otro de la ciudad? ¿O pedalear por las famosas playas de Barcelona? Si quieres hacer todas estas cosas, ¡esta es la bicicleta para ti! Con un pequeño coste adicional, podrás utilizar una bicicleta que se suele utilizar para ir de un cabo al otro del país y cruzar estados.

Otro buen uso para esta bicicleta es el de subirla en un tren para salir de la ciudad y adentrarse pedaleando en los viñedos para explorar la verdadera cultura catalana.


¿How is a touring bicycle different from any other?

Rent an A-Bike touring bike and take advantage of its lightness and speed to explore all of Barcelona and its province with class and ease. The Gazelle bicycle combines a high-performance bike, comfortable and easy to handle, with an elegant and sophisticated design.

The advantage of having front cushioning on the A-Bike bike means that bad roads will hardly affect you. Feel safe knowing that, thanks to improved traction and stability, the bike is prepared for any adverse conditions that come your way.

With the comfortable and pleasant design of Gazelle bikes you can pedal comfortably without worries. The 7 gears of change offer you the right gear for every situation. With the lightweight, strong and durable aluminum frame, you can walk around the city effortlessly.

In addition, hydraulic roller brakes guarantee a safe and fast braking capacity at any time, however sudden it may be. Maybe you had to stop suddenly because you just saw a beach bar that you can’t miss.

The bicycle also has a powerful front and rear light that allows you to ride your bike at night without problems, keeping you safe from cars when you ride on the roads of Barcelona.


¿Who suits a touring bike ?

This bike is perfect for anyone who wants to pedal that extra kilometer during their stay in the beautiful Catalan capital of Barcelona.

Those who are already used to cycling will take advantage of this bicycle, since they will be able to take full advantage of the features it offers. Renting a steel touring bike in Barcelona could be the best solution if you plan to take a full day excursion traveling more kilometers than normal.

A great choice if you plan to travel long distances by bicycle through Barcelona and its surroundings. Or if you like to go from point A to point B in a jiffy and stylish, this is a good option, especially for its speed.

It should be noted that you can take the A-Bike range of bikes as far as you want. You can even take her on the trains to get out of Barcelona faster and really go beyond the city limits to explore something new. pedal quietly because A-Bike has everything under control. Our bikes are properly maintained so you have no problem when you go out to tour the neighborhoods with your new rental bike.