E-Bike Rental

 23.50 - 32.00 

8 gears 2 locks Charger
Dashboard Display Anti-puncture tires Safety lights

Note:Please note that we require a 75 EUR cash deposit and a minimum age of 16 for e-bike rentals.

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Rent an E-bike in Barcelona

At Bike Rental Barcelona we offer multiple bikes for rent, including a high quality electric bike from major Dutch brand.

All our e-bikes are made solid, withstand potholes, ride well and reliably enough to explore the city through the whole day on one battery, even when the weather outside is at it's peak.

Thanks to the powerful motors on our e-bikes with their lightweight frames, it's very easy to cycle into the mountain ranges from Barcelona city, or even venture to neighbouring locations like Badalona.

The motor provides the cyclist with the right amount of power behind to help him or her on their way no matter how steep the incline is or how much wind might be against them.

A full e-bike battery charge means the driver can go a distance of up to 80 kilometres in the direction of your choice. If the battery runs out over the course of a multi day bike rental in Barcelona, we at Barcelona Bike Rental can supply you with a charger to take with you.

With the charger you can use it overnight at your accommodation or even on the go by plugging it in in a bar or restaurant whilst you enjoy a vermouth, and you’ll be ready to go in no time!


E-Bike features

Our e-bike has a motor below that supports the rider on their journey with speeds that go up to 25km/h. And as stated before, with a fully charged batter, the bike can take you 80k in distance.

What's more, all our e-bikes come with ten speeds, meaning you have a choice of gears to use as you adjust the speed whilst depending still on the battery powered motor to get you from A to B. This way you can choose how much effort you put into the cycle, to rely fully on the motor, or somewhere in-between. A very handy feature as you encounter sometimes the force of nature like wind or different inclines.

The bikes feature a hydraulic brake system which makes for a very smooth coming to a haul, or even emergency stop. Never worry about going too fast down some of the steep roads from the top of the city to the bottom with this bike as our bikes are very reliable.

Take your bike with you anywhere and simply lock it up with the two bikes provided. Also travelling by night is very safe with the front and back lights. Have fun exploring all the neighbourhoods of Barcelona!


Who benefits from an e-bike?

E-Bikes are definitely for anyone whom would like to go a little further during your time in Barcelona. For example going up into the mountains, or venturing all corners of the city.

It is also for people who are concerned they need a little extra help whilst cycling, maybe someone who doesn't feel super fit, or simply would rather not sweat more than necessary during the hot weather Barcelona has to offer. Or maybe you know you might a have a too few many drinks and don't want to compromise your safety!

E-bikes are recommended if you know you will experience any inclines during your cycle.

All our E-Bikes are made with lightweight frames, so if you do decide to cycle without battery power, it shouldn't be too much trouble at all!


Safe Electric bike rental in Barcelona

Barcelona is removing whole roads to make way way for cyclists and pedestrians alike. Feel free to explore streets knowing no car can come your way during this transition. More cycle friendly roads means a better experience for tourists and locals alike.

Cycling, not just as a sport, but as a means for transportation is becoming ever more integrated with the Catalan culture.

When using bike lanes remember to stop at traffic lights, and always lock your e-bike every time you leave it, especially overnight!

Enjoy a comfortable e-bike rental experience on us! Bike Rental Barcelona has you covered for the most relaxed and comfortable method of exploring and getting around the city of Barcelona.

Don't worry about looking like a tourist as our bikes don't have big brand logos and all feature a standard design, not that of most bike rental service shops. No silly colours here!