City Bike Rental

 7.95 - 16.50 


3 gears

Chain guard

2 locks

Anti-puncture tires

Safety lights

Pickup Date&Time
Return Date&Time

Looking for an affordable, but reliable bike rental service in Barcelona?

Choose Bike Rental Barcelona’s classic city bike. Three gears, all locks you need and a very competitive price!


Rent a City Bike in Barcelona

There is no better way to explore Barcelona than by bicycle, especially a relaxed one such as ours. Feel good cruising downtown with wide bars, strong handbrakes and any accessories you need like phone holders or helmets.

Our custom made lightweight city bikes from Bike Rental Barcelona are trustworthy strong rental bikes. These designed for comfort bicycles have three gears, which means you can go up the inclines of Barcelona streets, like Gran de Gràcia, with no trouble at all.

And if the wind picks up by the beach and it’s on your back, simply increase the gear to get that extra speed. Nothing better than the cruising with the wind across town on your bike. Experience it to believe it.

Discovering Barcelona by night in the evening is also no problem with our bikes as they all have both front and back lights to make sure you are visible and safe for all your journeys. Remember to ring your bell located on the handlebar if another cyclist or pedestrian crossing the street doesn’t see you coming.


Safe cycling with the city bike

Found the perfect spot for a picture and feel like stopping? Just squeeze the handbrakes to safely come to a stop. But not too hard! Remember there might be someone behind you.

The left brake is for the front wheel, and the right brake stops the back wheel. The advanced Dutch roller brake system ensure that your wheels don’t block as you come to a stop.

We will adjust the height of the handlebar and the saddle to your height in our shop as needed, and if you still prefer the seat to be a bit higher or lower, you can easily adjust the saddle without any tools. The chain guard protects your clothes from grease or dirt and the rental bike is regularly cleaned to make sure riders are comfortable using them.


Cycling in Barcelona: the do’s and don’ts

If you rent a classic city bike at Bike Rental Barcelona, you won’t immediately stand out as a tourist because the design of our bikes are like that of the locals. No obvious logos, no obvious colours.

So as a local, it is even more important to stick to the traffic rules in Barcelona, because not everyone is used to bicycles yet. So pay good attention to all your sights.

In principle, all traffic coming from the right has right of way, so never cycle through a red light, stay on the designated bicycle paths, and never hit the brakes too hard out of the blue. Can you stick to the traffic rules? Then cycling in Barcelona will no doubt be a joy. No better way to see the sights, than in the fresh open air and embracing all the sun has to offer in this perfect holiday destination.