The customer hereby rents bicycles from Bike Rental Barcelona(BRB), subject to all the following terms and conditions :

  • The bicycle is hired for personal use and leisure purposes . It must be used within the city’s boundaries unless requested.
  • The customers acknowledge that they have received the bicycle and accessories (key and padlock) in perfect working order. The bicycle must be returned at the end of the hiring period in the same conditions.
  • The customer must take all the necessary precautions to prevent theft, lose or damage to the rented equipment. The customer shall be solely liable in the event that the bicycle is stolen or damaged. Bike Rental Barcelona is entitled to claim for the repair or replacement cost of any lost or stolen item,  or when the rented equipment is damaged beyond normal wear and tear. The costumer hereby  accepts to pay for the repair or replacement of the damaged, lost or stolen items immediately after it occurs.
  • If customers do not return the lock keys, they will be charged EUR 15 per key to issue a key copy.
  • Bike Rental Barcelona accepts no liability whatsoever for injuries occasioned to the client or caused to third parties as a result of use of the bicycle, irrespective of whether said injuries are caused by chance, malicious damage, imprudence or negligence. The client hereby accepts full responsibility.
  • No refund will be made for early return of the bicycles.
  • The customers and their groups must respect Spanish traffic regulations and Barcelona's specific cycling norms. Any ticket or fine due to incorrect use of the bicycle will be completely asumed by the customer.
  • Exclusive place of jurisdiction shall be Barcelona, Spain. This contract shall be governed by Spanish law.
  • The information the customer provides is protected by organic law 15/1999 of 13th December regarding the protection of personal data.

Guarantee deposit

The customer will be asked his/her credit card details as a guarantee deposit for the rented equipment. the customer accepts charges for any missing or broken items at market prices. Bike Rental Barcelona will accept a cash deposit and the deposit amount will be fixed when signing the rental contract.  If the missing or broken items exceed the deposit amount, the customer must settle the balance.

Delivery and pick up service

Delivery and pick up service can be requested previous reservation and has an extra cost. The minimum delivery and pick up fee is EUR 40. After the 4th bike, the delivery and pick up fee will be EUR 10 per bike.

The rented equipment will be delivered and collected to/from the customer's hotel or accommodation or any other place previously appointed. Delivery and pick-up of bicycles can be requested for the following Zip-Codes in Barcelona :08001 - 08002 - 08003 - 08004- 08005 - 08006 - 08007 - 08008 - 08009 - 08010 - 08011- 08012 - 08013 - 08014 - 08015 - 08018 - 08019 - 08021- 08025 - 08029 - 08036 - 08037. For other zip codes please send your inquiry requesting availability and price.

Rentals and Guided Tours

Rentals and guided tour confirmation deposits will not be refunded.