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See Barcelona with a private bike tour

Our expert private tour guides customise the tour depending on you, either in the moment or pre-planned.


Tailor made tours

Tour guides can completely adjust the tour based upon you or your group’s interest.

We adapt our routes to meet your particular needs and visiting plans. 

We use bicycle paths as much as possible to guarantee the safety of the group.

Our guides speak several languages and we do our best to find a guide or monitor to do the tour in your native language.

Full of breathtaking architecture and scenery, it’s best to see the city by private tour to fully appreciate all that Barcelona has to offer.

With a unique history and an incredible mix of nature and city, it hosts some of the most amazing sites of modern living. Not many places in the world can allow you to hike up a mountain, view the city scape below with adjacent beaches. Truly breathtaking.


Why a private tour?

Trust that you will be taken in good hands.

A tour through the city with a private tour guide is the safest and most special way to discover the city of Barcelona.

Your private tour guide will tell you everything about the history and culture of Catalonia, from the troubles with Spain to the battles of the Oman empire. All whilst not letting you miss out on some of the most beautiful places within the region.

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