Barcelona Sightseeing Bike Tour

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10am and 6pm

1.5 hours

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A-Bike La Rambla

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Barcelona Sightseeing Bike Tour

Are you looking for a relaxed way to get an impression of the city in only 1,5 hours? Join the Barcelona Sightseeing Bike Tour. A professional tour guide takes you to famous, and unknown places in the city, and will explain why these places are the Barcelona must-sees. You will hear stories about the history of Barcelona, but also about the daily life in this vibrant city. You will get the opportunity to ask all of your questions, and you’ll get tips that will make your stay in Barcelona unforgettable.


Relaxing in the park

The Ciutadella park is located right in front of the Bike Rental shop. Not only tourists love this park, it is also a place where locals meet and relax. Back in the days, a citadel was situated in the park. The guide will show you the remaining references to this citadel, and takes you back to the time when the citadel was torn down, and Catalan pride and park arose. Can’t you get enough of the park or do you want to visit the city zoo? After the tour, you only have to cross the street, and you’re back there!


Cycling at the beach

Did you know the Barcelona beach only exists since the Olympics in 1992? The guide will tell you all about these Olympics, the beach, and the neighbourhood Barceloneta. Maybe you will even cycle to the famous Hotel W, from where you will have a nice view over the city. Don’t forget to look around, enjoy the sun, the palm trees, and the nice breeze on the beach.


Ask your guide anything

A-Bike guides are professionals who make sure your tour will be nice and safe. The guides live in Barcelona and are very enthusiastic to answer all of your questions. They do not only share cool facts and stories, but they work hard to make sure your tour will be an unforgettable experience. So, if you are interested in specific topics, or have any questions: don’t hesitate to share them with your guide! In this way it will become a tour you will never forget.